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Who is Jester?

jester ProfileMy Name is Keith.

I created this site to help people find and resolve personal problems.

I too experienced some huge personal problems such as:

  • Financial loss - 2008 I lost 2 million dollars of net worth during the down economy.
  • Loss of Reputation - Due to my business abruptly closing.
  • Broken relationships - Distance with family and friends associated with my divorce.
  • Even Homeless - Lonely, confused, and bewildered, I slept in my car for months.

During this time, I found a way to self-assess my life and figure out where to put my energy.

I began using this method to coach others who were overwhelmed with their life.

I immediately knew this was my life purpose and have been Life Coaching ever since.

What Clients are saying

"Before Jester, I was so stressed out my family thought I was crazy! After Jester, my logic returned and I got my life back on track."

Charles, Virginia

"Thanks for helping me get my finances on track and finding the source of my stress"

Ronda, South Carolina

"Thanks for helping me to see how avoidance of a painful past was wrecking my future."

Rick, Georgia

"askJester helped me understand how the walls I had built to protect me were holding me hostage."

Andrea, Tennesee

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