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Who is Jester?

jester ProfileMy Name is Keith. I created this site to help people find and resolve personal problems. I too experienced some huge personal problems such as:

  • Financial loss - 2008 I lost 2 million dollars of net worth during the down economy.
  • Loss of Reputation - Due to my business abruptly closing.
  • Broken relationships - Distance with family and friends associated with my divorce.
  • Even Homeless - Lonely, confused, and bewildered, I slept in my car for months.

During this time I found a way to self-assess my life and figure out where to put my energy.

I began using this method to coach others who were overwhelmed with their life.

I immediately knew this was my life purpose and have been Life Coaching ever since.

What Clents are saying

"Before Jester, I was so stressed out my family thought I was crazy! After Jester, my logic returned and I got my life back on track."

Charles, Virginia

"Thanks for helping me to see how avoidance of a painful past was wrecking my future."

Rick, Georgia

"askJester helped me understand how the walls I had built to protect me were holding me hostage."

Andrea, Tennesee

"Thanks for helping me get my finances on track and finding the source of my stress"

Ronda, South Carolina