Category: Personality Types

We are heavily influenced in all of our decisions by the way we feel. Our personality type is a strong underlying current to drive our feelings. Take the Personality Assessment Quiz and then take a look at your dominant personality type to uncover the underlying feelings that may be driving your decisions.

How to Understand a Club

A Club’s primary need is acceptance. They feel the most comfortable, when they are with people who they are like. Similarities in economic status or interest are usually important. They do not like confrontation. They might remain silent on a subject or even agree, when they don’t feel that way just to avoid a conflict.


How to Understand a Diamond

A Diamond’s primary need is for security. They want to know where they stand. This makes them keenly aware of key relationships and how making alliances can improve their security. They are more apt to connect with those in authority. They will work hard to win the favor of their boss, supervisor, or maybe even…

How to Understand a Heart

A heart’s primary need is for significance. They want to feel needed. They are drawn to the person who is hurting or in need. Those who are strong can sometimes make the heart feel like they are not needed causing them to shift their attention towards someone or something else.

They are usually drawn to a…

How to Understand a Spade

A spade’s primary need is for recognition. They want to be appreciated. They have a need to be heard. Sometimes direct compliments are hard for them, but they are constantly looking for signs to determine if they are valued and appreciated.
Second hand compliments are their favorite. If they hear of someone saying nice things…